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Fly Fishing for Pike, Unraveling Knitting and Minimalist Angling EP263

This week Greg host of the Unraveling Podcast sits in the cohost seat and we learn what knitting and fishing have in common. Tim Bete is back with a new essay and Rich Collins joins us to tell us all about how to catch pike on the fly.... read more

Lure Love, Filet-O-Fish God and Wicked Sunfish

This week we are super excited to have the Crappie Hippie and our FN Essayist, Tim Bete here with a brand new segment, Lure Love! Zoe sits in the cohost seat and does an amazing Boston and Australian accent. Michael Oullette is here to talk about his Kickstarter... read more


Fish Nerds Podcast

The worlds greatest podcast about fish, fishing and eating fish. Always fresh, sometimes funny, and occasionally true, your host Clay Groves makes fish fun again by approaching fishy subjects from an entirely new perspective.

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